“Caught in a Rat Race” (From Accountancy to TEFL #2)



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When are you going to get a “proper” job?

= “just on broke”

Kingston S. Lim

Caught in  a Rat Race

About the ACC to TEFL Series: In this series, I recount my journey, logic and reasoning behind making the shift from accountancy in Reno, NV to TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) in Bangkok, Thailand.

After making that decision to be an accounting major, I really didn’t deviate too much from the norm the following 2 years. Especially by the second year when I had set a pace of work & school. I was so caught up on the daily grind, I failed to take a step back and reflect on whether this was what I really wanted. The “ultimate non conformist that I was dubbed by my HS psyc teacher senior year was a thing of the past.

Starting out, I was privileged in the manner that being from a low income family, I was eligible for numerous school and federal grants that covered practically all my…

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