5 Animation Movies on How Climate Change and Human Activities Affects the Environment

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Wall-E (Photo: Pixar)

An animated movie plot on climate change issue is not as rare to find as in feature films. There are many animations related to the environmental catastrophe whether it is global warming, dystopian futures, ecological collapse, and climate change in general. It also talks about how human activities affect the environment including the animals that live there.

Discussing climate change with young children especially in this kind of era is very important even though it would be tough to discuss. By giving them kid-friendly movies and documentaries to watch, climate change and how it affects life will be easier to be understood and we don’t have to explain the definitions or the concepts behind it which is too complicated for them, yet.

So, below are some of the animated movies on how climate change and human activities affects the environment, even if it’s just a small background…

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