Reviewing the movie ‘The Lion King’

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The movie starts on a happy note, with ‘Rafiki’ the old, stripy-zebra-cheeked mandrill pronouncing, the little, new born cub ‘Simba’, the future king of Pride Land. While the entire kingdom celebrates the royal ceremony, with their mighty lion king ‘Mufasa’ and his queen ‘Sarabi’, Mufasa’s jealous brother ‘Scar’ is seen nowhere.

Simba grows up as a playful, head strong and confident cub. Like a good father, Mufasa tries to instil in him values of mercy, tolerance and sympathy, so that he makes a compassionate ruler, when enthroned. ‘Zazu’ the puffin bird courtier, is instructed to keep a close eye on Simba, for security reasons. The security, that the adventurous Simba, often breaches, with the help of his best friend Nala. On one such expedition, the mischievous duo have a savage, blood curling encounter with ‘Shenzi’, the ruthless, cruel queen of hyenas and her vicious, hungry pack. They are saved by…

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